Point Cloud CRS from WSG84 to LV95


Can anybody tell me how I can change the CRS of my Point Cloud (processed in Pix4Dmatic) from WSG84 to LV95?

Is it possible in Pix4Dmatic or do I need other Software?

Thanks in Advance!

Hi @orbyt

You can change the project CRS, by changing the GCP CRS. This needs to be setup at the start of the project though, otherwise it will need to be reprocessed (we’re looking into making this process smoother in the future).

The point cloud will be in the project CRS at export, so if your project is in LV95, the point cloud will be too.


Thanks for the fast Response!

So this will work even if I didnt use any GCP’s to capture the data?

yes, it will set the GCP Coordinate Reference System (CRS) and the project CRS, but no GCPs are required to make that happen. In the future we want to be able to set both CRSs separately, but that’s the current workflow.

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Perfect, thanks alot.