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Planning Mission on Desktop

Hi all…I’m still a noob on trial version so sorry if this is obvious.   My question is … Is there anyway to plan a mission on my desktop using GIS and then upload the mission to my android device for my DJI Phantom 3 to then fly?

Thanks in advance


Blue Wolf

Ok…so I think I just found my answer with the load KML feature?  :slight_smile:

Hello Roger,

In the current version of the app it is not possible to plan a mission on your desktop and then upload it on the device. You can only fly one of the pre-defined missions. However, we will add your request in our suggestion list in order to be considered for future versions.

Indeed, you can import a .kml file containing a polygon corresponding to the flight boundaries. However, you have to select one of the pre-defined grid types to execute. For more information about how to import a .kml/.kmz file you can take a look in the following article:


Thanks!  It would be a great feature but I am happy to plan as is at the moment.





We NEED to be able to use a Desktop app. Even if it is browser based like Dronedeploy.
Working on a tablet is cumbersome.

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you guys should look at what the guys at donedepoly are doing with their capture app and implement it into yours. You software is superior, and you need an app that matches your software.

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@Cesar, thank you for your feedback, which I have reported to our product development team.

I invite you to continue following the main post on this topic Desktop Flight Plan, and I will now close this post.

Thank you for your understanding.