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planning mission from distance before arrival


intending to fly a mission next week in LA area and I live in New York-

Just tried out the app and pretty happy with results -


wanted to drop the mission planner grid image on a location in La before flying out-


is there a way to do this without having to drag the grid from NY to La?

Hi Patrick,

This article will probably helps you:


Hey thanks-
Checked the article-
Seems all command are to geotag the area you are standing in-

It would be nice if you added a zoom the mission to where you are focused on the map button-

Dragging the flight plan across the country was tedious but worked-
On a good note screenshots of the intended plan for flight patterns intended went over really well with the rangers office and i only had to drag the grid across the country once… just had to be careful not to hit the reset button-