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Pre Flight mapping on the Mac!!

I want to set up a pre-flight Map or several maps prior to going to the location I have looked in the List of questions and answers I notice that you have the options to do this with a PC but can this be done with a Mac in the same manner.

This ability to create a flight plan in advance is a very useful feature especially if the Signal is not as strong as you like to enable loading of maps etc due to the location of the site!!!

Please advise how this can be easily dealt with as fumbling around on-site with loading up a flight is not very professional in front of the client!!


Yours sincerely



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Hi Lawrence,

Thank you for your feedback. Note that it is currently not possible to plan flights from a PC neither.
We all agree that planning flights from a PC or a Mac would be very convenient for users. However, it is not in the pipeline now. I will share your interest with the developer’s team so that they consider to implement this feature with a higher priority in the future.

In the meantime, note that it is possible to preplan mission using Pix4Dcapture on both iOS and Android version:

  • On the flight planning view, select the desired parameters. (overlap, flight height…)
  • Move the flight grid to the location where you want to make data acquisition.
  • Save your mission and reopen it when on site.

I would also recommend you to read the following articles to get helpful information on how to fly without internet in the filed. It is important to save properly the basemap in this case while preplanning missions:
- Is internet needed to use Pix4Dcapture
- [How to plan and fly a mission without internet in the field