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Planning a mission away from my location

Hi, I am new to Capture and want to know how to plan a mission that is away from my office. I can’t find a way off entering location information…thanks

Hi Jonathan,
yes you can. You have different basemaps that help you to create the mission. However, in my opinion is better to go to the field and create the mission in that moment because you can turn on the drone and get the position, then the accuracy for the landing it’s safe.

On the other hand, if you create a project you will be able to upload a kml that will help you to enter a location or polygons for the planning.


Hi Joan

Thanks for the quick response.

Much appreciated.



I often work in situations where I am quickly sent to a very remote area where I am required to do quick surveys and then create ortho-mosaics for crews working on the ground. I am curious if Capture works in an offline environment? I don’t have time to make grids while I have an internet connections.

Can you go to a new area that is completely offline and create a photogrammetry grid with capture on the fly?

You can plan a flight offline, but maybe you won’t have enought information in the basemap to know if the flight is safe.

You have to take into account that the altitude that is used in Pix4Capture is ATO (About Take Off), so if you do not know the area where you are going to fly and therefore you are doing a “blind” flight, you could have some problem… your choice!

A good solution would be that your colleagues send you the kml of the area to fly from the office and download it to your device (with internet connection) before reaching the area without connection.

How can I search (which basemap and how do I search) for a location to create a flight plan far way from where I am?
How can i load a KML file to help me create the borders for that flight plan?
I have been looking for 3 years for the 2 points above you say already exist. Please Help asap :slight_smile:

Well, if you have internet on the field you have a lot of options to search and create locations, probably the best way it’s doing it with Pix4DCapture. In case you don’t have internet connection then you’ll have to use an App with basemaps to use offline. I personally use OsmAnd, OruxMaps or Qfield. You could draw with Google Earth for example the flight plan at the office and load it to Pix4DCapture :slight_smile:

You can load a kml in Pix4DCapture in case you are using an Android device ->