Pix4dSurvey automated feature extraction success improvement?

May sound like a silly question but would the higher the resolution of imagery (i.e., closer the drone is to the ground it is surveying) improve the automated feature extraction tool success rate? Currently have data flown at 65m which is yielding good results but would 50m survey height improve this?

I think this is more of a function of the density and quality of the point cloud. It is possible that flying lower could help but you might also want to consider flying with more overlap, too. I would try more overlap first.

Hi @jacob.jenkins ,

For the object extraction (manholes and drains today), its a combination of factors. That tool uses the images, so quality is certainly important, but as long as the objects are reasonably visible (for manholes 30 to 100 pixels across) it should work. However, image quality is very important, so sharp images will make a big difference.

If you had curb extraction in mind, then its a point cloud operation together with images, and as Mike said, density, good lighting, and good overlap help a lot.