Pix4dmatic - Open Pix4dcloud project

How do you open a Pix4dcloud project in Pix4dmatic? My option is always grayed out.


The option that you see in PIX4Dmatic that says “Open PIX4Dcloud project” refers to the project that is currently open in PIX4Dmatic. This option is only enabled after you have shared it to PIX4Dcloud.

To be clear, the workflow is:

  1. Create project in PIX4Dmatic
  2. “Share to PIX4Dcloud”
  3. “Open PIX4Dcloud project”

If you haven’t shared to Cloud, there’s no project to be opened there. At the moment, it 's not possible to open a Cloud project in Matic, so you need to recreate it. I hope I was able to help.