Pix4Dmapper license unable to remove previous user

Dear Technical Support,

I have uninstalled pix4dmapper in my previous computer (old computer is not belong to me now). Now, I am trying to set up new Pix4dmapper license in my new computer. So I think I have to remove the old device first. However, It didn’t allow me to delete old user. Could you please remove it for me?
I have attached the image below, please kindly check.

Thanks you so much.

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Hi @lymot899 ,

I have manually deactivated the device from the license key associated with your account. You should be able to log in now.

Please note that starting with PIX4Dmapper 4.0.11, you can deactivate your devices from your license management panel page.
For step-by-step instructions please see the article: How to remotely deactivate a device activated with your PIX4Dmapper license.
There should be no active device when enabling this feature.

I hope this helped.


Dear @Nikoleta_Dimopoulou ,

I have am able to use it in new computer now. Thanks you so much.

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Happy to help! :grinning:


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