PIX4Dmapper, Bowl effect

I have tried looking at similar posts, but i can’t seem to find the same exact problem.
I’m processing quite a large area in PIX4Dmapper, and keep getting a bowl effect on the otherwise very flat area.
I can’t seem to find the mistake, but maybe someone here can spot a problem in my QR?

23-0641 Aalborg Havn_report.pdf (2.3 MB)

Hi, you could try to “trust” the image geolocations more by reducing the accuracy values (I assume you have the default 5m and 10m?). The initial positions seem to be all at the same height, but the calibrated one start to bowl. Another thing to try, although it does not seem to be the main impact here, is to use “All prior” in the calibration settings, that’s the same idea as above but for camera internals.

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I re-ran the rendering with updated GCP’s which solved the issue.