PIX4Dcatch settings for interior room

I just scanned our conference room using PIX4Dcatch, but I’m thinking I had some incorrect settings. I was using Device Pose 18.1” and Angle at 30^d. I’m thinking about using the Image Overlap setting instead set at 90% overlap. Maybe using an up and down “painting the walls” method. But I’m flexible on other methods.

Look forward to hearing your responses!

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Hi Nick,

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It would be a good idea to provide as much overlap as possible, as interiors generally have large textureless regions. Backing up to provide as much area in each frame as possible would help as well. Selecting 90% overlap would be a good start.

Using manual tie points and/or GCP targets providing visible tie points can be very helpful as well. I am not sure where you are processing the projects, but if in PIX4Dmatic defining the planes will help the reconstruction as well.

Which device make/model are you using for your scans?

Be careful when using a painting technique as it can be easy to lose areas/overlap if moving through the scene too quickly. It would also be better to raise and lower the device as opposed to pointing up and down.

I hope these points help, let us know how it goes.