Pix4dcapture altitude dial repeating numbers

Everything in the capture app works fine except the altitude dial to set the mission altitude. Set to Imperial ft, it repeats each number about 10 times, ie. 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 46 46 46… and so on, until it reaches 99, then jumps to 1000! The HIGH ALTITUDE warning kicks in around one of the 35 feet marks, which is more than likely over 400 ft (Max legal height for USA). I have uninstalled and reinstalled both the Capture and Ctrl+dji apps multiple times and nothing changed. Correct drone is selected. Apps are set to auto update, so theyre both updated.
Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra
Please help. I cant work without this app

Hello @joshuahoynes, This is not the expected behavior.I would suggest reinstalling the applications from scratch following the procedure below:


The two procedures below may imply data loss so we recommend to make a backup if there are important data saved. Connect the mobile device and copy the Pix4D folder (Local Storage > Device storage > Pix4D) to your computer.

  1. Clear data and clear cache memory of the application

  2. Open the Settings application on the Android device.

  3. Scroll the list and tap Apps, Applications or Manage apps.

  4. (optional) On certain devices like Samsung, tap Application Manager.

  5. Scroll the list to find the application.

  6. From the list, tap Storage.


  8. Re-install Ctrl+Plugin and Pix4Dcapture from scratch

  9. Uninstall Pix4Dcapture and Ctrl+Plugin.

  10. Connect the device to a computer and navigate to Local Storage > Device storage > Pix4D.

  11. Delete the content of all folders.

  12. Delete the Pix4D folder.

  13. Re-install the latest version of Pix4Dcapture and Ctrl+Plugin.

  14. (optional) Place the backup content back into the Pix4D folder to restore data.