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Pix4d will not connect to Mavic Pro

I have a Mavic Pro and an Iphone 8 The drone will work perfectly on its own software but when using Pix4Dcapture it will not connect to the drone. I have followed all the steps that tech support gave (if you can even call them support) autoresponded email. They only note that was said was reach out to the forms. So here I am Please help me, lets show that overpaid engineer from Washington State U that lacks customer services skills who the real support is the people in the field. Thanks

I am sorry to hear you get issues with Pix4Dcapture.
Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the issue.
If you already went through our Troubleshooter and followed the basic checks, then you may want to use another image acquisition app: Which image acquisition app can I use with Pix4D’s software?.
Our main photogrammetric software (Pix4Dmapper, Pix4Dmatic, etc) can process images taken from any app if they are of good overalp and good quality.

Bonjour Christina

J’ai un mavic 2 Pro Dual Entreprise que je n’arrive pas à connecter pix4Dcapture, il y a t’il des alternatives??

Aussi pour l’application DJI Pilot, les images ne s’enregistrent pas automatiquement sur la carte mémoire de bord mais elles s’enregistre sur la mémoire interne. Des conseils pour moi?

merci cordialement

Well with having this issue unable to capture images to add to your software as you freeware will not communicate with my done. My only customer / technical service is someone send me links to pages I have been to and procedures I have done with any unwillingness to help one on one really makes me reconsider in having my team invest in using your product. I thought you whole point of a trial run was to show how great the product is and will to stand by it but being left where I literally can’t get it off the ground and your answer is well “we don’t see it on our end” best of luck with these links is unacceptable. I will see if other users can help and if not I will move on to another project and share my lack of assistance with other user groups. Thanks for your time and lack of a interest it really shows the caliber of your company before purchase.

Ian Winningham

Hi Pascal,
the mavic 2 Pro Dual Enterprise Mavic 2 is not compatible with android, and on iOS it’s only compatible only with the RGB (4.7.0 and later).

Are you sure you can’t change to the SD card storage?

Merci pour l’information joan. Cano. Oui il y a eu plusieurs vols et j’ai remarqué que les images prises en vol libre comme les images issuent d’une planification de vol se stock tous sur la mémoire interne. Rien sur la carte mémoire.

SI possible envoi moi le lien de la version de pix4Dcapture qui peut ĂŞtre comptable sur ios dans mon mail.

Aussi j’ai remarqué que je n’arrivais pas construire l’orthomosaique à partir des images thermiques issu d’une planification de vol.

VOS conseils seront les bienvenues et merci encore à la communauté

Hi Pascal,
let me share the pix4D version here:

The reason you cannot process thermal orthomosaics is because your camera is thermal and not radiometric: “Pix4Dmapper supports .jpg thermal images, but this image format is not recommended. The .jpg images are colored-mapped temperatures and contain only a visual representation of the temperature instead of the raw values.”

–> Article

Merci infiniment joan.cano

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