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Pix4d problems and Window 10 1803 update

We are having problems processing step 1 after Windows 10 installed the 1803 update.  After processing we have large differences between initial and computed image positions.  This causes a large distortion in final processing.  Anyone else having this problem.  The distortion is different each time I rerun the project.  I have run the same project on different machines with the 1803 update and both had the same type of error.  I ran the project on a machine with out the update and it processed correctly.  I can’t uninstall the 1803 on our Pix4d processing machine update so I need a fix.

Hi Jed,


At this moment we are not aware of regressions from one version to another.

To better understand the issue could you share here the quality report, log file and.p4d file? 

If I correctly understood the project you are referring to had been processed only with this specific update, or it has been running before with a previous version, and it calibrated very well?


Thank you,


I have had the same problem as Jed.  Having used the earlier version of Pix4d successfully I am now getting huge step differences in elevation between blocks.  This used to work and I have processed over 500 separate blocks into joined mosaics but now am experiencing problems particularly between the edges of blocks.  The support I have had from Pix4d has not been conclusive.  The best support I got was from a problem somebody in the forum previous had.  I have chosen “All prior” for the “Initial Processing -> Calibration -> Internal Parameters Optimization -> All Prior” that works for some blocks but not for all.  As Jed experienced, the distortion is different each time I run the project.  It is a pain for me to go back to the older versions which worked better!   I am running monthly licensing when I get projects and the time wasted with the latest versions has caused me to miss deadlines and pay for additional months licenses.  ;-(  Come on guys, please fix it before I try to find another solution elsewhere.

Hi Justin,


I am sorry to learn that you have such experience using our software.

As mentioned in my previous reply it would be helpful for me to have the .p4d file, quality report and log file. 


Thank you for your help,