PIX4d Master Map of all my mosiac locations, where have i flown? Have I already flown nearby?

Our company has been flying a LOT in the last 6 months and are training up pilots all over NZ , so much that sometimes we don’t know if someone else in the company has already flown nearby our site, resulting in double ups and wasted time .
This is only going to get worse, so we NEED a nice UI that shows us all the flight locations (ideally as polygons with the flight extent) already in our PIX4D cloud account .

User story:
Before I go out to conduct a flight i would like to check on a spatial platform if I or a member of our organisation has already flown nearby and what area that flight covered, so that I can check if the existing flights overlie my planned flight. If they have , I would like to click on the location and see the model created.

Processing UAV’s is great, but the next step in this crazy future is yet more data management .