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Pix4D fields Orthomosaic processing Error

Hi there, i have a problem with my project. I took about 2500 photos via mavic 2 pro / pilot PE which i imported into Pix4D Fields. Some of these pics couldnt be processed, now i have some “wholes” in my result. the logfile for example gives out this. What means distance -68.8174 is this the height of the drone while making this picture? the controller setting is 100 meter… thanks for your support. RD

[2021-03-07] [13:45:50.108T+0100] NOTICE: Camera 16 has no edges
[2021-03-07] [13:45:50.114T+0100] NOTICE: Camera 17 has no edges
[2021-03-07] [13:45:50.114T+0100] NOTICE: Camera 20 has no edges
[2021-03-07] [13:45:50.143T+0100] NOTICE: Ground plane: normal [-0.0517838 0.0584512 0.996946] and distance -68.8174


Hope you are doing great! The camera has no edges means it could not find matching features with any other image. Usually, that means the image does not have enough overlap with the surrounding images. Can you please let us know the side and frontal overlap you used to collect your data?

We recommend using 80% side and frontal overlap to avoid any of these issues.


Hello Fernanda, thanks for your answer. i have these settings you recommended, so about 90 % of the terrain was processed correctly. I saw later that the problematic terrain has some elevation. perhaps 20 meters difference. Could you give a best practise to collect also these areas? is it possible to adjust the height of flying, so that i get the same relation for processing? Thanks a lot for your reply.


When you have elevations, the suggestion would be to fly at the highest altitude you can, according to the ground sampling distance you need to get the job done.

Hello Fernanda, thanks a lot for your answer. So would it be possible to fly remaining areas in a higher altitude and import these images to the existing job? I am thinking about that the software is able to recognize it…
Regards Renke


The ideal would be to fly all at a higher altitude. If you only fly some specific areas of the project then the images won’t probably stitch together. Can I see the outputs you have now and the log file? You can upload them on a google drive folder or screenshots here (if possible) just to have an idea of how your terrain looks like


Hi Fernanda, of course, here is a screenshot and the logfile. Regards Renke
b65b8069-86ab-4416-8fd1-47ba93466d12_logfile.log (539.1 KB)

Thanks, are the holes only around the edges?

Hi Fernanda, the missing fields in the top right corner.

Okay, it looks a bit weird; I would recommend mapping a bigger area than the area you need so you get more overlap on the edges of your area of interest. Also, please try a bit higher and let us know if this gives you better results.


Hi, ok thanks a lot, i will fly and try :slightly_smiling_face:

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