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Pix4D Desktop versions, Which version to use for process


I can’t find a article or post that says you must this! Pix4D version.
I had used Pix4D Desktop 4.5.4 Preview version for process, but there is also Pix4D Desktop 4.4.12 version.
And I just got information that 4.4.12 has more options than 4.5.4 latest version, is it true? or it is hoax or misbelief?. What is the difference between this?, I believed latest version 4.5.4 would be improved and have more tools.

Which version should be used for better process?


Hi GG, You can find the information about the versions here. Mostly, there are bug fixes and a few other improvements.


I have processed one project on Preview 4.5.4 version however Pix4d support is saying it should have been the other release version to edit and change modify and fix my project. is this true?


What is the meaning of preview? is it just test version? not full package? different from desktop release version 4.4.12?

Can you please give me detailed understanding.


Preview means that the version is not stable yet but works. It has the latest features but can still contain some bugs.
The version 4.4.12 is the latest and most stable version by now.
In a rather short notice, a new stable version will be release.
However I would like to mention that you can safely use the preview.

Hope this help.