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Pix4D Desktop Processing Bugs?

I have a project that is a merge of 5 other smaller projects. I have tried 3 times to process out to a point where I can edit ortho’s in the ortho mosaic editor. Each time it finishes processing everything i get all green lights and all the files are there, however the mosaic editor is disabled. NOW, This last time after it was finished processing I went in to processing options ticked a few different things just playing around to see if I could get it to pop up and now all processing options are RED as if nothing has been processed. I can NOT afford another 2 days of processing just to fail again. Any ideas???

Hello Jerald,

Could you please make sure that the Raster DSM -> GeoTIFF option has been selected in this project?
In case that the DSM generation has been disabled you will not be able to access the Mosaic Editor. It will be greyed out.

Additionally, when you change the settings in the Processing Options window the steps for which you have changed the settings will appear red in the Processing bar. This has no impact on the previously generated results. All the outputs are still in the results folder.