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Mesh, DSM, and Orthomosaic options are greyed out

Hello Community.
I’m processing the images given by Pix4D, using Pix4Dmatic. (from: Example Data Set from Pix4Dmatic)
In “Processing Options”,
I can only do the “Calibrate” and “Densify”.
“Mesh”, “DSM”, and “Orthomosaic” options are greyed out.

Is these options not available in the Trial Version?
Thank you,

Hi @r.capela,

The “Mesh”, “DSM”, and “Orthomosaic” options should not be greyed out.
Can you please send us a screenshot of the issue? Have you tried with any other project?


Well you might not believe this but…
While it was processing one, I opened the project again in another window and all options are available…


I am glad it works now!


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