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Pix4D cloud support for 3DS max files or similar files


We have a fundamental need for a websolution to host our edited 3D models. Our firm usually combine the terrain model made from pix4d mapper with the models made from the architects into one singel model in 3DS Max. The current situation is that we have no good solution to show these models to our clients. We try to use sketchfab, but it doesn’t support any high resolution texture for the terrain, and it also have a lot of problem to show our importet architect models. Our hope was that the current online Pix4d cloud viewer could support files uploaded from 3DS max or equivalent. The cloud viewer works perfectly, as it shows high resolution of the texture of the terrain, as well as its possible to share the models with our clients, it only lack the support of holding external objects like buildings from the architects.

It doesn’t necessarily needs to support 3DS max files, it can be what ever georeferenced file from an 3D modelling program. It also doesn’t need to be uploaded as a combine file, but can be uploaded as several files. If the cloud support several files then we could also upload several adjacent projects in the same viewer if you later decide to map the neighbor area, and want to show it in the same model.

Hi Asrer,

Your case has been handled personally by one of our support agent.
Your request has been forwarded to our Cloud Development Team but we cannot guarantee anything.
Especially knowing that our Cloud service is made to host outputs generated by any Pix4D solution. Hosting other outputs or files would generate additional storage costs for us as our Cloud is hosted by AWS. 
However could you please in the future avoid duplicate replies (personal support and Community).

Thank you.


Could you please forward this to the developers and decision makers (so I don’t need to make a personal support):

I understand that it will take additional cost to host models. This option could however be an extra cost that we the customers take, by having an option to pay for additional storage to the yearly subcription of pix4d cloud.

As of now there are no solutions to show our models to our clients without them having to come to the office. I’v tried several solutions, like sketchfab and so on, with no sucess. When I was at a Pix4d workshop we actually manage to upload the 3DSmax model together with the 3d mesh from Pix4d. The problem was that none of them had any textures.

Knowing that the cloud engine supports the type of file type, but that it just a matter of texturing and cost for storage (which are both possible to resolve, by having the option that your customers take the additional cost), I can’t see any reasons why not trying to find a proper hosting solution for the finished project.

I would suggest the option to upload several files with their own texture, then using georeference to allign them, in this way it migh be possible to upload from several programs and also monitor the file size of the none pix4d 3D objects. Then you can just charge us for the GB we use besides the standard cloud storage.

Thank you

Hi Asrer,

Your input is being taken into consideration. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you a specific deadline when this will be implemented yet. As you mentioned “it can be what ever georeferenced file from a 3D modelling program. It also doesn’t need to be uploaded as a combine file, but can be uploaded as several files”, in which output formats do you expect the different files to be? At the moment the 3D mesh uploader only supports the bundle of the .obj + .jpg + .mtl + files

Hi, thank you

3ds fileformat and FBX format would be the best filetypes to support for the upload