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Pix4D Capture Phantom4Pro V2 Plus compatibility

Hi everyone,

As I am getting contradictory information on whether these two products are compatible, can someone from first-hand give me some insights?

I am aiming to buy the drone from the subject but if it’s compatible or there are some issues with executing flights with Capture installed on the RC then I will think about it.

The plan is to use the drone for mapping, surveying, and creating digital twins of the objects, so having reliable software that will plan the flight in the proper way without missing data is crucial.


Hi @zomi2209,

Regarding Phantom 4 Pro+ V2.0, it is not compatible with PIX4Dcapture. This means that the app has not been tested with Phantom 4 Pro+ V2.0 , it means that the app could work but Pix4D makes no guarantee.
The status of Pix4Dcapture regarding the different drones, cameras, and controllers is described in the article below.

I would suggest you to follow the main thread for this specific subject. We will communicate there if any updates about the current status of the P4P+ V2.