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Pix4d capture > costum camera settings > focal lenght > 35mm eq or Calculated?

I apologize for the question but I have not found a univocal answer: in the setting of the camera should I use the equivalent 35mm format or the calculated one?
for example: mavic2 zoom 24mm (35 eq)> calculated with the formula found in the forum (Step 1. Before Starting a Project> 2. Configuring the Camera Settings)> Fr 4.36
should i use 24 or 4.36?
thank you

Hi Mario,

It depends on how you define your other camera settings (image width and height, and sensor width).
To make it simple, I suggest you use the real values as defined by the camera manufacturer for all these elements, not the equivalent 35mm ones.

mmmm … The physical dimensions of the sensor are fixed r known, the distance of the sensor is known, the flight height is known. not so simple … there is a big difference between using one datum or the other: using the 35mm focal length eq I have a reasonable and very real flight mission (I calculated the overlap and altitude data using the classic photographic method). Using the calculated focal length I have a flight that lasts 10 times longer at unacceptable altitudes. Manufacturers usually indicate the focal length 35mm eq in all lenses. There is something wrong…