Pix4D Capture - Confused about drone compatibility

Hi everyone, i am a bit confused about what drones are compatible with the Pix4D Capture Pro.

While on the Pix4D website Pix4D Supported drones
it says that the Pix4D Capture is compatible with a lot of the DJI Mini drones, after downloading the APP, when i try to select the drone, none of the mini DJi drones are available.

Hi @tekno.structures,

Thank you for your message.

For the Mini series DJI drones, PIX4Dcature Pro is compatible with the DJI Mini 3 and DJI Mini 3 Pro models when connected with a DJI N1 controller and an Android device. You can find the full compatibility list and APK files for Android here:

Hello Daniele -

I have downloaded the latest Pix4D Capture Pro - and the DJI Mini 3 Pro is not available as an option.

Please verify that the DJI Mini 3 Pro is supported - and if necessary, how to select it on the Pix4D Capture app.

Thanks you!

Hi Joe,

If you download PIX4Dcapture Pro directly from the Google Play store, there will be no DJI Mini 3 Pro compatibility.

To use the DJI Mini 3 Pro, you will need to download an alternative build (limitations based on the DJI SDK I am afraid). You can find the current builds here: https://support.pix4d.com/hc/en-us/articles/8946194392861-How-to-install-the-app-on-Remote-Controllers-with-ScreensAPK-PIX4Dcapture-Pro

If you download Build A and install it on your Android device, you will be able to access the DJI Mini 3 Pro in PIX4Dcapture Pro. I have the same drone and controller, and it works without issues; it’s just a bit more complicated to get set up.


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