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Pix4d application on 4k screen


I just downloaded pix4d Mapper.  Running it on an Asus Zenbook Pro Laptop with a 3840 x 2160 4k/uhd monitor.

Some aspects of the application are very difficult to use.  The icon bar at the top is basically useles.  The icons are so small,  and with the flat material design,  the tooltip popup is the only way to distinguish what an icon is for without resorting to extreme magnification. 

The Quality Report is also displayed very very small with no way to zoom in that I have found.

Am I missing some settings somewhere that will improve the UX of the application?  Or is it not designed and ready to be used on a UHD screen yet?

Thank you,


That is potentially a very small screen for 4K resolution and may be part of the problem.  We are using 4K desktop monitors with Pix4D with no issues, but they are 28" and 32" monitor sizes.  I had not noted the scaling issue you describe, but it may not have been as noticeable with the larger monitors.

What OS are you using?  Windows 10 plays with 4K much better than previous versions of Windows, though I don’t know if that will help in this case.