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Photo markers outpacing the drone

Hey guys,

I’m using the latest version of capture on an iPad Pro 1st gen and an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

What’s happening is the photo markers are out pacing the drone. I haven’t had a chance to check if the geotags are wrong but the drone is showing in the correct location and the video feed confirms it but the photo images are way ahead of it.

Not the end of the world as I believe it’s only a visual glitch that doesn’t affect data capture but it is concerning to some of my customers.

what kind of mission did you plan and what are the parameters of the flight and camera?


It was a polygon flight, but it also happens with grid flights as well.

Angle: 75
Overlap: 75 and 75
Speed: Normal
Drone: Parrot Anafi Work

Did you tried with another device? Do you have the same results?

@joan.cano I’ve tried with two different devices. iPad Pro 12" 1st gen and iPhone 11 Pro Max