Phnatom rtk app is better than pix4d capture

Hello, I have to capture with high detail a large area that contains rocks and saνd is near the sea.

What is the best method?

Combining orbit flights and grid flights with camera to be in 60 degrees?

For now I have a phantom 4 pro?

May I need RTK version of phantom for best results?

Ι was thinking also to add a terrestrial laser scanner.

I know that pix4d has some problems aligning images when mixing orbit and grid flights them wit

Hello @Georgios_Bekas, I would say having extra orbit flights might increase the number of images and complexity of the map. Rather than doing the orbit flights and grid flights, I would suggest doing a double grid mission with an oblique camera angle so that it can capture the facade of the rocks. The RTK version would increase the absolute and relative accuracy of the map but shouldn’t affect much on the development of the 3D model.
If you decide to do two different flights, it shouldn’t be an issue as well. You can process them separately and merge them as explained in the below support article,