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Will Pix4Dcapture support P4RTK with SDK contoller?

Is there any plan to start supporting Phantom 4 RTK SDK in near future? I think that would be an awesome update :slight_smile:


Hi Magda,

Welcome in our new Pix4D community!

To answer your question, it is not in our pipeline to support P4RTK with SDK controller for the moment.


Hi Gael,
This is very unfortunate as the Pix4DCapture app is the only app I am aware of that can capture free flight at specific distance intervals.
There is no current way to map free flight with the Phantom 4 RTK (timed interval was removed from the DJI app).
Previous post have suggested that the DJI mission planning software that comes with the P4 RTK covers all the bases, but it doesn’t.
My workflow for mapping cliff features and slopes is reliant on the manual free flight mission in Pix4D capture. I would like to upgrade to the RTK version of the P4 for greater accuracy but its not worth it unless Pix4D (or some one else) supports the RTK version with a decent free flight mission mode.
Is it possible Pix4D can/will reconsider this decision in the future?

Hi Ian,

Thank you for your suggestion. The P4RTK is not supported by pix4Dcapture at the moment and it is currently not in our pipeline to support it. However, your interest has been shared with the developer’s team and any update will be published at our Pix4Dcapture supported drone and camera page


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I bought the SDK remote controller as well with the intention of using Pix4Dcapture with my P4RTK (
DJI built this remote for this purpose… I wish you can put this request into your pipeline in the near future. I don’t understand why a drone built to do mapping at is best is not supported by your mapping APP.

Thanks for reconsider,



I have the same interest as ian.thompson, it’s very sad that Pix4d does not support P4RTK with the SDK controller.
There are a lot of features in Pix4d Capture that are not available in the DJI Pilot app.

Pix4d should definitely support P4RTK as it is made for mapping.
Hopefully we’ll see that in the near future.


I fully concur , P4RTK should be considered as should be DJI Multispectral.

Hello community and Pix4D team, greetings from Estonia.

I join the requesters and hope to see soon pix4d capture update with P4RTK support.

Example we have using Pix4d desktop from 2013 (7 years, little bit pioneers ) , when we bought eBee with Pix4D and Pix4D capture since it has realised. For us it is become handy and we do not want to retrain.
Now us and lots of our colleagues have bought P4RTK, last 6 monts there are so many orders, that dji can-t keep up. This is huge growing community. So, the need for Pix4Dcapture support P4RTK only goes up and up. Dji own app is annoying and not user friendly. We dont want to use this, that’s why we bought the P4RTK SDK version. Good comparison - GS pro is like Android and Pix4Dcapture is Apple.

So right now we and our colleagues have the question - can we continue with pix4d solutions or we have to start looking alternatives. I personally like to use one developer solutions from start to finish.

Don’t force the community to exchange software, that’s not good for business :wink:

Can we see an RTK update in this spring?