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30 Story Tower - Mapping/Modeling/Processing with Phantom 4 RTK

I have a ~30 story building that a client has retained me to 3D model for their internal inspection purposes. 

Does anyone have input for my best mission planning and workflow to map this with our Phantom 4 RTK and process in Pix4d for best result?

Specifically, is there a function to fly a circular mission around the tower at different levels and camera angles? What about overlap, what should I target? 80%? 85%?

Flight area is clear and I won’t have any overhead obstructions to worry about. 

We will also fly aerial (nadir) double grid mission with eBeeX and Aeria/Soda 3D cameras and process separately. 

Any input and advice for planning this mission is GREATLY appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

Hi Eric,

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Then regarding flight plan, there is no option to plan a flight a several altitude within one single flight.
You would need to do several flight at different altitude and then process all images together.
The camera angle cannot be set up neither. But if you choose a circular mission, the camera will look at the center. However you can define the capture angle which is defined as the angle that separates consecutive images. (Smaller angle, higher overlap).
Images should be taken with high overlap: 90% of overlap between images taken at the same height and 60% of overlap between images taken at different heights.

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Step 1. Before Starting a Project > 1. Designing the Image Acquisition Plan > a. Selecting the Image Acquisition Plan Type

Hope this will help you with your project.