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How to exclude small area in polygon or grid mission? (ie cell phone tower?)

I flew a property today and I wanted to fly it at about 100’ agl with 70 degree camera tilt and there where a couple of objects that were beyond the 100’.  So is it possible to create a “hole” in the mission so that it will no include the very small areas around  the tower? 

Any guidance will be appreciated.


Use the processing area tool to define area.

If you want to modify the flight plan, I am not aware of a way in pix4dcapture, but perhaps in other flight planner app’s.

Is this just a geo-ortho?

Hey Gary, thanks for getting back!  The primary need was for an ortho map but I also want to do some 3D models of the property.  (it is my kids school campus).  You said the flight lines can’t be edited.  I have never put the obstacle avoidance to test when flying a mission so I have no idea how Pix4D capture handles that??   

I was hoping there was an easy way to include the whole property and then somehow make sure the tall obstacles were not in the flight path.  

I can fly some orbital flights around the towers and one tall building structure to account for them missing on nadir/ 70 degree flights.  I am still learning.  I have always used my iPad mini and now I know the Android app is slightly different from the iOs app.  

Do you know the minimum safe altitude? If not fly a mission to see what the tallest object is in AOI.

A combination of nadir and orbits missions will help the reconstruction nicely.

Both obstacles (cell tower and steeple) I think they are about 140-150 feet.  Tomorrow I will have time go back and fly over/beside each one to see exactly how tall they are.  But they are well over the 100’ that I wanted to fly for the 3D model.  If I left a small hole for the 2 tall towers, then I figured I could just do some orbit flights of those to have the imagery needed.  Was just hoping there was an easy way to subtract out an area (such as the cell tower) to fly around.

Gary, I should have just asked, if you had a school property (about 150 acres) that you wanted to do a good (but not perfect) 3D model of entire property how would you handle that and work around the 2 tall structures?

I’m in the same boat, power substations.

Multiple double nadir with orbits around towers and poles.

In a perfect world, all data would have close GSD values, but not my world!

Sounds like a fun project though!


Free feel to call or chat on-line if you like.

What airframe are you running?