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Area Too Large for Communication

I planned a polygon and grid flight in Pix4Dcapture that was 500 ft x 500 ft. I got a orange triangle that said area too large. When clicking on the triangle the message said that the area was too large for continuous communication. The takeoff / landing zone was within the flight area. Has anyone else had this error?


You are probably bumping on a known issue using the Android version of Pix4Dcapture and flying polygon mission. What is your geographic location?

The issue occurs in the following cases regardless of the mission size:

  • If your geographic location is West of Greenwich meridian.
  • If your geographic location is South of the Equator.

It has been reported to the developers who will fix it in a future release.

Workaround : This warning does not prevent from flying a mission. Carefully check the estimated flight time when planning the mission.

Thank you so much for the explanation. I was in Whiterocks Utah USA. I uninstalled the app last night and re-installed. I was able to make a flight plan in Lehi Utah without a problem. In Whiterocks I was doing a polygon.

Thanks again for your help.