PC Specifications for PIX4DMapper/4DMatic

Good morning all,

I’m upgrading from an i7-6800k as it’s starting to show it’s age when processing data sets.

I notice that i9 and Threadripper both show up in recommend specs, but that Xeon is also listed. The issue I am having is that the baseline Xeon doesn’t seem to even be fast enough to out-pace the 6800k that I’m currently throttling. Does anyone have any recommendations for a specific starting point in the i9/Threadripper/Xeon lines?

I was comparing the i9-12900 to a Xeon 4215R (quoted by our IT company after I suggested the Bronze 3204 was a joke…) to some of the Thread-ripper series that all seem to be decent. But it would help if people with experience processing larger data sets could chime in with what they are currently using and how well it performs during processing.

Thank you!

Puget Systems does benchmarks on Pix4DMapper. For large datasets I would get a Threadripper Pro 5000 series. Either the 32-core 5975x or the 64-core 5995x. 128gb memory at a minimum. 256gb for really large datasets.