Threadripper 2 (2950x & 2990wx) Discussion

Hey all,


With the release of the beastly Threadripper 2 CPUs today, I was hoping to find out how they perform in Pix4D considering the 2990wx is 32core/64 thread. My goal is to see if Pix4D will make use of all 32 cores (i.e. if this CPU is worth getting for a workstation that does pix4D) If anyone has one and can provide info or if someone can speak to utilizing that many cores during render.



Hi Benjamin, 

We have not been able to test the Threadripper 2 yet but of course, having more processing cores will help to reduce the processing time.
From our experience, previous Threadripper CPUs performs very well with Pix4D and for sure this new model with more cores will perform very well too.

The CPU is heavily used during step 1 and step 2, and the CPU’s maximum clock speed and the number of cores will have a big impact on the processing time. For those steps, a video card will help.


Hi Benjamin. Something else to note is that Pix4D will not always be able to use all the cores available to the CPU as some operations are not easily parallelized. These additional cores will allow you to do more multitasking i.e working in other programs while processing in Pix4D. 

It may be that the lower clock speed relative to previous threadripper models could negatively impact processing speed. This will need to be investigated further going forward to know for sure. 




I have been able to process 6 sites at one time in about 12hrs. With all 32 cores being used.

Hi David. Can you share your computer hardware specs also?