Orthoplane georeferencing

Good day,

I did a project where I had to insert an Orthoplane for a side view of a quarry wall.
Looking at the original process where the ortho and dsm is in top view, I added the Orthoplane as per instructions.
Problem now is that after the results are generated for both the new DSM and Orthomosaic, the coordinates differ totally from the original process.

What I have discovered is that the Orthoplane Orthomosaic and DSM has reset their values to 0. So from left to right on the Ortho starts from 0m to 200m. Top to bottem as well. The Z value is just not working either. So either I am using the wrong tool or missing a step?

When generating the Orthoplane, the GCPs are within this region as well, but the coordinates still reset for the new Ortho and DSM

Coordiante system: WGS84/UTM
GCP’s - Yes

Much appreciated for the assistance

Hi Stefan,

Thank you for your post.

Please make sure that the orthoplane was properly defined https://support.pix4d.com/hc/en-us/articles/204664359 
You should pay special attention to the fact that the green arrow should point towards the object to be orthorectified.

After defining the orthoplane, an ortho and (optionally) a DSM will be generated.
However, they will not be georeferenced. That means that the coordinates are arbitrary. The ortho and DSM are scaled and measurement can be computed, but the coordinates displayed are not projected and are not given in any coordinate system.
Since the object is almost vertical, the display in a GIS or CAD software would be almost a line which is what you see when looking at the object from above.
That is the reason why the coordinates are arbitrary.

Best regards.