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Orthomosaic and DSM don't match Point Cloud extent

Generating 3d model and ortho of road construction area, and the output from the ortho doesn’t match the point cloud or mesh. Wondering why the orthomosaic looks so bad and isn’t the same extent as the point cloud? The project uses non-georeferenced photos (302). Is anyone having this issue and if so is there a way to resolve? Thanks for your help.

Image 1: Top down view of densified point cloud

Image 2. Ortho output

Image 3: Zoom of ortho to show how bad it looks. 

Hi Gene, 

The orthomosaic is not optimal because the orientation of the project is not correct. This can happen when there is no image geolocation in the project (image geolocation or GCPs).

I would recommend checking the How to orient a project article for instruction on how to proceed. 


Worked like a charm, thanks. I should have suspected that, as clicking the “view from the top” airplane button oriented the project incorrectly. Thank you for your prompt and accurate response. 

Great news (:

As you mentioned, a quick test if the orientation of the project is correct is to view it from the  top. It is also possible to use shortcut  as mentioned in the Shortcuts article.