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Orthomosaic Incomplete - but missing area can be seen in point cloud and 3d mesh

Hi, I’m doing a monthly survey and processing of a harbour project and am having problems with the Orthomosaic missing an area. The missing area is at the seaward point of the breakwater construction so I had assumed it would be something to do with uncalibrated images where the sea crashes against the breakwater. However, I have loads of calibrated images with hundreds, if not thousands, of ties points, the rocky shoreline is not affected, the lee side of the breakwater is not affected and the area shows up in the point cloud and 3D mesh (see image). It does this every month and  has got me stumped at the moment. I’ve not edited the processing area or clipping box. Has anyone come across anything similar or have any suggestions? Thanks for any assistance.


I managed to sort this one out myself by drawing a process area around the whole area and reprocessing. Strange that it wasn’t doing the ortho over the whole area anyway, and that it was doing it for the point cloud / mesh, but there you go.

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Thanks James for sharing your solution!

What happened in your project is related to an edge case in the software. We use the Automatic Tie Points (ATPs) to compute some internal processing area, which is the default processing area for the dsm / ortho generation. The densification may reconstruct more points outside this region. Without a user-defined processing area, these points can be removed based on the default area, especially for elongated objects at the boundaries.