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Ortho-rectified image

We recently provided orthomasaic data to a client as requested but his planner has come back with a request for ortho-rectified…
.“I’m hoping you can supply me with an ortho-rectified aerial photo from the data you have captured.
I need to prepare a scaled base plan so I can sit down with Ryan and prepare his DA.
Are you able to extract an image from your data? I need to import it into Microstation.”

Is this within the scope of pix4dmapper?

Hi Tom,

Pix4Dmapper generates accurately georeferenced results (i.e. orthorectified), provided that the user feeds it with accurately geolocated images.
I am not knowledgeable in Microstation, but what I know is that this software can open .obj, .fbx and .dxf. These three file formats are being exported by Pix4Dmapper. The orthomosaic is generated as a .tif file, so I do not think it can be opened in Microstation.