Organizing Processed Imagery

We’re currently producing a ton of processed imagery and one suggestion I have is that the processed imagery .tif have the same name as the original. The workflow we use now is process the imagery, go over to the output .tif and change the name to the field name/date after it’s processed. While this works, it seems to me that it would be way easier to organize these names of the front end. So maybe before the ortho is processed you could leave an option to name the output??


Hi William ,

would it help if we use the layername as the name for the .tif ?

That would be fantastic!

I think I misunderstood you. So you want to give the orhtomosaic a name before processing it? You don’t want to rename the layer in the project after processing ?

Because currently exported layers are exported with the name they have inside PIX4Dfields.