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It would be nice if we could create folders in the Maps view of Pix4Dreact.

I love Pix4DReact, but I would like to suggest an improvement if I may.

I find that I use this product so often, and have generated so many mosaics, that I’ve had to create a complex naming convention to group and differentiate them from one another.

A typical file name for me has to represent the Drainage Basin, Management Area, Project and Date, resulting in a pretty long name, even after abbreviation. For instance, imagery of the Duda Water Quality Improvement Project, captured on 08 FEB 2021 in the Lake Apopka North Shore management area of the Upper Ocklawaha River Basin, would have a map name like this: UORB_LANS_DudaWaterQualityImprovementProject_2021-02-08

As you can see from the screenshot below, Pix4Dreact can’t show such a long name, and it can’t sort on anything but name and processing date. So a folder structure or some sort of attribute capture system would be very helpful in keeping our files organized and accessible.


  • Bill

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Hi Bill,

I hope you are doing great! Thanks so much for taking the time to give us some feedback. Very valuable :blush: I have shared this with the team. Meanwhile, I am not sure if you have tested Pix4Dfields with some of those mentioned functionalities. Of course, the feedback was for Pix4Dreact; I just wanted to share this info with you in case.
Would it be okay if I reach to you on a PM to understand your needs better?


Sure! When’s good for you?


I will reach out to you on a PM

Have a good day,