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od = overlap * D?

Hi guys,

First time posting here so forgive me if this has been answered before.

I have just started the Pix4D certification labs and am stuck at the first hurdle. I have been directed to an article ( ) and I cannot get my head around the formula:

 od = overlap * D


Let’s say: 




According to the above formula, overlap would be 0.9%. I would say 90% is the correct answer. Is the formula wrong or am I missing something here?

Mark G.

Aloha Mark.  You just added the % to early.  You are correct that if the Image size/length is 100 feet and you want a 90% over lap, then you will capture 10 feet of new imagery in each picture. The desired overlap distance 90 = 90% (which is really just 0.90) * 100

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Thanks Aaron