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NVIDIA RTX 2080 - Pix4D compatibility?


do someone know if the NVIDIA RTX 2080 will be supported by Pix4D platform?



I am also interested in seeing if an RTX card would help my processing speeds.  

Glad to see you guys are excited about the new announcement also! I think we can expect good things from this new line from Nvidia. There is a solid 20% increase in CUDA cores relative to the GTX 1080 Ti. That should have a direct impact on processing times. Also, the increased clock and memory speed will likely also have a positive impact. We are certainly looking forward to testing this new architecture. We will have to confirm compatibility once it is released but it looks like it should be good to go!


Is the RTX 2080ti more similar to the 1080ti rather than to the titan? Titan had additional configurations to be done before it could be fully utilized in pix4d such as turning on game development mode. Is this the case with rtx 2080ti with the new architecture? Or will it mimic the 1080ti in architecture? Basically is it like pascal? I am not referring to the rtx quadro cards for this comment.

I would expect it to be closer to the 1080 ti rather than the titan. You are correct that theTitan configurations are not optimal for Pix4D. The 1080 ti cards tend to significantly outperform the Titans in the tests we have seen. I am not too familiar with the Turing architecture but it may be that there is reduced latency that helps with the real-time ray tracing which could be good for processing times. I can’t really elaborate further until they are released and we have had a chance get some testing or user data.

Has anyone had a chance to check this out yet? I’m considering a new build, and I’m considering a RTX 2080 Ti over the 1080 ti, but don’t want to spend that extra money if it is going to cause a problem.