NVIDIA Control Panel Settings for the GeForce GTX 1080Ti 11gb

I just got a new tower for processing Pix4d and it has a GeForce GTX 1080Ti 11gb. The Nvidia control panel seems to be setup a little different then in the support article below. I dont have the option to set the program settings for the card to “high performance” or “game development” mode. 




Don’t worry about the support article…just leave all the settings alone and it will be fine. I have 4 of these cards.

@Kevin, I recommend that you stick with Adam’s advice. He has a solid understanding of his processing hardware and its’ compatibility with Pix4D Desktop.

@Adam, thank you very much for your comments.

@Adam I used several of your posts to order my new tower and from the just week of using my new setup, I am seeing a dramatic drop in processing times. Thanks for the research. 

@kevin winslow I’ am also planning on getting a new computer. What is the rest of your computer configuration? What are your usual and biggest project size (pictures) you ran on pix4d.

I ordered a new Alienware Area-51 R5. I had to order a dell product because of corporate.

Intel i9 7980xe (18core)

GTX 1080ti 11gb

64GB 2933mz ram


1TB sata SSD


I did a 2,000 photo project last week no problem. I have not been paying to close attention to times as I start them at the end of the day when crews get back in the office. I did a 120 photo project in about 30m when I first got the tower just to test. 

I’m running my largest project ever on it right now, to soon to tell how it will turn out but step 1 just finished. 4300 photos from a phantom 4 pro 20mp images. 

I found the 2 links below super helpful when choosing specs. I’m not sure who to thanks on the forum for doing all that A/B testing but it was very helpful.



Thank you for the info.

I have also checked the pugetsystems web page.

My doubt is between taking I9 7900X (10core) and GTX 1080ti 11gb or I9 7920X (or I9 7940X) and GTX 1070ti.

As I am having some projects up to 7000 pictures I was leaning more on the first combination with better graphic card, as I don’t want to have choppy workflow in point cloud editing.

My understanding was that RAM quantity is more important with larger photo counts?

@Adam may be able to better answer that tho.

Indeed, but for working in rayCloud GPU is the most important.


For editing regions in mosaic RAM is most important

Your goal needs to be to rarely edit the point cloud but every piece of hardware is important at different steps.
Always get the most VRAM to handle the highest MP pictures and system RAM to handle project total gigapixels. The point cloud quality will also vary on the system RAM so great care has to be used.

I’m using rayCloud for drawing polylines, classifying points… sometimes you have to clean the noise near building edges to get optimal result for high resolution orthomosaic, there are many reasons to use rayCloud.