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NVIDIA Grid on Hyper-V

I know Pix4D desktop isn’t officially supported in a virtualized environment, as I’ve already spoken with tech support. But has anyone been able to get it to work with a GPU? It processes fine on a Windows Server Hyper-V virtual machine as long as I don’t give it a GPU. But without a GPU, ray cloud doesn’t work.

I have a Tesla T4 which I assigned to the vm using discrete device assignment. From the vm I use nvidia grid virtual desktop workstation drivers. Everything seems to run fine. Pix4D properly detects the T4. But after about 5-10 minutes, the vm crashes. Nothing in the log files indicate an issue.

Has anyone else tried this?

I found the solution. The Tesla T4 has a passive heatsink, with no fan. The system fans were configured for a very low speed until the CPUs reached a certain temperature. This did not allow for enough cooling of the T4, which would overheat and the VM would crash. I’ve adjusted the fan profile and the T4 remains cooler. Pix4D now processes without crashing.

I’m so glad I was able to get this working. Now I can use Pix4D on a virtual machine with full GPU, including rayCloud.

Hi @Andrew_Milanes ,

That’s very good news! Finally, you can take advantage of the hardware you have. Honestly, I’m happy for you, great job! :smiley: