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Not Saving volume names

Pix4D is now not saving the volume names that I’ve generated and reverts back to Volume 1, 2, 3 etc.

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Hi Erik,

We tried to rename a volume, close and re-open the software, the names remain those we entered with Pix4Dmapper 3.0.7 in the Volumes view. Which version are you using?


I’m using 2.2.25. Is 3.x.x supported?

After double checking with the developers, there was a bug with renaming objects that is now fixed in 3.0.7.

Pix4Dmapper 3.0.7 is called Preview, meaning it is a beta version with more advanced features and bug fixes. We would not recommend to use it for production work though.

If you still want to give a try, because for instance you need the bug fix, we would suggest to make a local copy of your project in version 2.2.25 because the .p4d files are not retro-compatible. It means if you create or just open a project with version 3.0.*, it is not possible to open the project again later with version 2.2.* of Pix4Dmapper. Once you opened a project with a certain version of the software, you cannot use it with a previous version anymore. Same applies for versions *.61 and *.58 for instance.

Therefore you will have a project in 2.2.25 and in 3.0.7.

Hope this clarifies the situation.

I am using version 3.2.23 and I am still having this issue? I am creating lots of volumes and giving them very specific names. After I save and close the software, when I reopen I have lots of volumes with generic names (Volume 28, Volume 29, Volume 30 etc…) But it does seem to keep the first and the last volume name (instead of Volume 54 I have the actual name that I typed in). Was the issue not resolved in version 3.0.7? This issue will be a HUGE time sink if I end up having to rename all 900+ volumes that I’m calculating every time.

Robert this fixed my issues. This is from support

“Indeed, the names of the volume objects are not maintained when the volume object is renamed before drawing it. 
However, if you first draw the volume and then rename it from the generic Volume 1, 2, 3 etc. to a different name, then the volume name is saved after closing the project. Therefore, we recommend first drawing the volumes and then renaming them.
You can give it a try using both workflows and let us know in case you observe a different behaviour.”


You have to rename it once youre done creating the volume area

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Has there been a fix on this yet? I’ve not yet tried the workaround but it seems like an issue that could be corrected. It’s more intuitive to me to name the object before defining it.

Thank you

I agree, I just had to change my workflow a to compensate for it, but renaming after does work.

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