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Not able to logout

I have two pcs, for each one I use a different user and pass, however the last time I entered same user in the second pc, now I want to change the user to the other user and pass, but I am not able to logout, whenever I open the app, it show this message without any button to logout

Would you please let us know which software (PIX4Ddiscovery or PIX4Dmapper) you are trying to log in and out of? I would also like to know if you have tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling the software by following the steps described at the link below.

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I am using PIX4Ddiscovery, that is why I have two user accounts, one for each pc.
Sure I can uninstall the software completely, reinstall and enter the right login again,

BUT do you want to tell me there is no way to logout, and enter an other user and pass when no license is available for the account???

If that is the case, then a crucial feature is missing for the software need to be added.


Welcome to the Pix4D Community.
To log out from your account in PIX4Dmapper, please follow this procedure (you first need to click “OK” in the window shown in your screenshot):

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


Dear @Daniele_Lecci , thanks for posting, that is my problem.
if I was able to get to that screen, I could have logout without any issue, the problem is when I click on the app icon, it right way display the screen I posted at the beginning, then there is no way to logout, I should click on close only.


Thank you for confirming what is happening.
I have forced the log out of your account. Could you please try again to log in?

If this still does not work, please try the following:
When you click on logout do you see a message appearing? Please click “Ok” on the pop-up appearing after logging out. PIX4Dmapper will then close automatically.
Re-open PIX4Dmapper and log in.


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Thanks @Daniele_Lecci , now I am able to login.

The main problem is, when a user, with discovery license, logged in an other PC, and tried to enter same user account in an other PC, then the problem is there is no way to logout on the second PC, until the account is logged out in the first PC.
I wish logout is added to that popup screen, then it fixes the issue.


thank you for reporting the issue.
Meanwhile, you can always write to Pix4D support and we will log out the other device immediately :slightly_smiling_face:.
Were you able to log in with the second device?


Thank you very much, I think only one logout button on the popup window is enough to fix the issue.

Ya, I am able to login to the second machine. :blush: