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No Path of Reference for Photos


I am working on processing a project of roughly 12,000 photos of a nature reserve with my Phantom 4 Drone and MicaSense. There are clear flight lines, but on most of the images there is a warning that there is “no path from reference to camera #.” I am also getting an error message that says “[BundleAdjuster][minimize] no projections errors ! aborting.” Would anyone have any suggestions about how I could fix this?

Hi, welcome to the Pix4D Community,

[Error]: [BundleAdjuster][minimize] no projections errors! aborting.

This might happen if there is not enough overlap or the image quality is not good. Can you give us a screenshot of your flight plan (mapview in PIX4Dmapper)? What was the frontal and side overlap? What was the flight height?


We figured out the issue. The error has been taken care of and the project just finished processing. Thank you for your response!


it is nice to hear that the process just finished.

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