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No live Video feed in latest version using Nvidia Shield K1

 Hello from UK.


I have searched high and low for a possible to solution to a problem we are having with our new Nvidia tablets. We have currently upgraded 2 of our tablets to take advantage of the new generation of features. We have been happily using Pix4d Capture on our Sony Z3 Tablets and had great success overall.  

The problem is no matter what we have tried we simply can not get a live feed from Pix4d capture. We have made sure all other apps are closed including force closing DJI Go. We have replaced USB cables to the tablet. We have installed pix4d in a factory fresh install so no other apps installed.

If we plug in our Sony Z3 we instantly have a live video feed so the issue isn’t firmware related.

Android version is 5.1.1 and FW for Inspire and P3 is 1.4. We are happy with 1.4 and don’t want to update due to DJIs awful implementation of firmware updates.

Any help with this issue would be gratefully received.

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Hello James,

we were able to reproduce the issue on the same tablet/Android version, also with an updated Inspire 1 FW ( It seems not to be related to Android version or to drone firmware but to the specific tablet hardware. The developers will have a look at it.

I will update this post as soon as there will be any relevant news about this issue.

Best regards

Hi mattia,

Many thanks for such a speedy response! I look forward To your findings on this. Hopefully it’s something that can be resolved.

Hi Mattia. Do you have any updates on this bug in the software? We are having to use rival companies products to capture but then import to Pix4d. Our work flow could be much better!

Hi James,

Other users reported this problem but they were using a X5 camera with the Inspire 1. Is it also your case?
Our developers are still working on fixing the issue.




We are using 2 different P3 Pro units and they all run the same firmware version 1.4 and the issue is the same across all 2 platforms. 

Please could someone up date us on how to fix this issue? We have 2 Tablets sat on a shelf waiting for the software fix?

Hi James,

We have confirmed there is indeed a bug with this device.

However and unfortunately, our developers will not fix it since it is very specific.
We totally understand the inconvenience and apologize for this.

Then we would suggest that you use another mobile device to fly the drone with Pix4Dcapture.
Also flying without the camera feed is still an option.

Best regards,

Could you please provide any technical details you’ve gathered regarding the issue?


It it caused by OpenGL or Media Driver? Are you sure Pix4DCapture uses the related interfaces according to spec?


Hi Tomasz,

Our developers will not fix this bug as we do not have enough users so far.
It was not further investigated so we are not able to give you more information.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Hello, I’d like to add my voice to the “users” of Nvidia Tablets; they are a great tablet for professional sUAS work. I’ve experienced this same issue with both the Inspire 1 Pro and Phantom 4 Advanced. 

For work, I map areas along long corridors (rivers or trails) for up to two weeks without internet connections. These corridors are too large to cache into the apps memory and I do not know which specific locations I will be mapping until I’m on site (so no pre-planning). 

My preferred workflow uses the camera live feed within Pix4D to find the edges (marked by GPS track) of the target area then drawing the flight plan to encompass those boundaries. This is not possible without a live feed within the Pix4D camera. 

During my last work assignment, I had to do all the mapping with the DJI Go app, using a 2 second shutter interval, because of this camera live feed issue within Pix4D. I lose both time and battery efficiency when I have to use the DJI GO app instead of the Pix4D app. 




Thank you for sharing your experience with us! I reported it to our app product manager :).