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No Automatic Tie Points (ATPs) at images from different dates

I have flown the same area on two successive dates and used Pix4Dmapper to run the Sept 1 to generate Automatic Tie Points(ATPs). The Automatic Tie Points are well registered on the images taken at the same date, however, are failed on the images at different dates Only 16 images were marked on the 88 visible images (as the Figure 1).

My questions are: Are the un-registered ATPs on different images harmful to the model quality? How to solve this problem?

I try to add new Manual Tie Points (MTPs) between the photos from different dates. When clicking on only two images from the same date and using the Automatic Marking, I found that the Tie Points were successfully generated on the images from different dates. So, I wonder Pix4Dmapper is capable to generate tie points automatically between two dates of images (as the Figure 2).

Can I use Automatic Marking to generate ATPs from two dates of images automatically?


The results vary depending on the lighting condition, flight height, etc which could be the reason why some are failed to process. The un-registered ATPs on different images would not be useful as the software didn’t connect correctly to the different datasets. It could cause some issues (for example, we may end up having a duplicated point cloud).

To solve this problem, you can create two projects and marge them: How to merge projects, add MTPs as you have done, and add more MTPs. If the automatic marking connects the two datasets, I recommend using it. Please do not forget to reoptimize it.

Warm regards,