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Mosaico mas liviano

Hola! Estoy trabajando con unos mosaicos exportados en .tif por Pix4D para hacer una gran mosaico en Global Mapper, pero no es una opcion de exportarlo en .tif ya que excede el peso permitido. Me da la opción de Big Geotiff pero obtuve un mosaico de 850GB, algo inmanejable. Lo exporté en ECW y queda liviano y perfecto, pero no me permite hacer transparente el recuadro de fondo y es algo que necesariamente debo lograr ya que debo superponerlo a una imagen de google eath. Con qué programa me recomiendan realizar este gran mosaico que no quede extremadamente pesado? Gracias

Hello Jimenaperez76,
You can create an Alpha Channel with Global Mapper which will indicate which pixels should be treated as transparent.
Processing: image.png…

Hi Michael, thanks for your answer, but I already tried with that option and the result is the same, the exported image still has a background. I suppose that this option only applies when the background pixels are “no data”, in my case the pixels have data (usually 255,255,255 although there are also other variations). It is the only explanation I can find! Do you think what could be happening?

I think the size of your file is going to be the biggest challenge. I would suggest investigating a program such as GDAL to convert the pixels from 255 to NoData. GDAL is a command line program that can manipulate rasters. Unfortunately I don’t know how well it can handle a file as large as yours.