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Mosaic Editing - Regions

If you have several “Regions” do you need to save each one individually or when you hit the save button does it save all the regions created?


Hi Stephen,

Yes, clicking the “Save” button under Regions will save all regions that have been made.  However this only saves the data in Memory, and you will need to export the revised orthomosaic for the changes be saved to Disk.

Menu View > Mosaic Editor > Mosaic Editing

You can review the above support article for more information.


Aaron Woods

Hi Aaron,

Using the Ortho Projection, the drawing time is extremely slow when selecting or deselecting images to include in a region. Do you know if there is a way to speed up this process? Which memory type does Pix4D use when editing mosaics (RAM, CPU, GPU,etc.)?

Hi Stephen:

For loading the orthomosaic you want to make sure that you have enough RAM. For editing, the GPU is next on the list that would be heavily used. 

You can read more about what components are used for what steps HERE.

In the links below you can find relevant hardware related information:

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I have a question: when saving and exporting, do I get individual orthomosaics for each region? For example, I defined 3 regions on the orthomosaic, clicked save and export but all I end up with is just one orthomosaic, same as the original. Is there a way to export regions? Or better still, is there a way to define slices or tiles for export?

Hi Sameer,


You can find more detailed information on how the mosaic overwrites or saves the edited orthomosaic here: