Mosaic Editing - No Regions


I did not found any answer to my question so here it is:

I’ve processed step 1 to 3 with a block of 167 images with P3A. No problem at all except when i go to Mosaic Editing. I’d like to know if there is an automatic region creation ? Or should we create our own region for each project? Because i have nothing in the sidebar… I’ve already created a Raster DSM, Orthomosaic and processed Index Calculator.


Thanks in advance!


I think you are looking for this:
With Pix4D v2.0 there is no automatic region creation. You should draw your own cells to edit the content of the combined orthophotos.

Hope this will be useful to you!

Okay thanks. That is exactly what i was looking for. 

But why isn’t there automatic region creation? Will it come back with a new release? 


Glad it could help!
I think they changed the way to edit the mosaic in v2.0 so I presume this is a long-term change…

Actually I find the new Mosaic Editor easier to manipulate because I only needed to make small modifications with my mosaic so far.
But I guess it depends on your purpose. Do you need to perform major changes?