Michigan Central Station by Aleksey Bochkovsky - Dandelion Air

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Today, our featured project takes us to Detroit, where Aleksey Bochovsky 3D mapped the Michigan Central Station:

Sketchfab link

This is the story of this project:

“I’ve discovered a passion for architecture when I started flying drones three years ago. It enabled me to capture details, intricacies, and beauty of a structure not easily seen by many from the ground level. During my last trip to Detroit, Michigan, which is currently experiencing a developmental upswing, a number of historic buildings caught my attention. One of them is the quite famous Michigan Central Station, aka Michigan Central Depot. Serving as a major railroad hub and office space back in its heydays, it is still standing tall and powerful, albeit empty. I felt the need to capture it in this moment in time, before progress inevitably returns, and used a combination of still images, videos and Pix4D-generated 3D model to create an imprint of this marvelous creation.

Hopefully, the materials will help in other aspects of development, such as marketing, architectural visions and to monitor the reconstruction process.

3D model literally adds a third dimension, in pursuit of capturing the current state and setting a baseline for the future development.

You can check out the complete MICHIGAN CENTRAL STATION presentation here.

I use photogrammetry to capture a point in time and space that’s impossible to convey by means of pictures and videos alone.

I’ve tried a number of drone-oriented 3D modeling solutions and Pix4D came up on top because of offered features, flexibility, reliability, speedy processing, and affordable license cost. I love the option of being able to generate models quickly in the cloud and then perfect them on a desktop client with available editing tools.

Technical details:

- Devices used: DJI Phantom 4 PRO, Pix4Dcapture on iPhone 7 Plus, Pix4Dmodel (Win client) on MacBook Pro

- Number of images: 739

- Image capture strategy: Combination of DOUBLE GRID and FREE FLIGHT

- Pre-processing: I the images processed in Adobe Lightroom for consistency and color correction

- Software and platform: processed with Pix4Dmodel on Win client on 2015 MacBook Pro with Windows 10 installed

- Editing: I used a small number of MTPs and some point-cloud editing to clean up the mesh

- Sharing: I uploaded the model to Sketchfab, I tweaked display settings for optimal presentation

At Dandelion Air we aim to capture the architectural, geographic, and other critical qualities such as shape and condition of diverse properties and locations using aerial technologies. We provide commercial videography, 3D modeling, and mapping services to customers requiring a licensed and insured provider. Utilizing our complete flight to file solutions, businesses can use our on-demand service to capture a location and have ready to use media for their unique needs.” Aleksey Bochkovsky, Dandelion Air Founder

Enjoy the 3D visit to MCS and feel free to share your comments and your own projects.

Pix4D team


Thank you! Means a lot )

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Very cool!!!

I like how the windows are rendered on the entire building. These can be tough to reconstruct. Well done!